Haute Couture Interiors: Alice in Wonderland.

22 Sep

Putting the Wonder in your Land.

What is Wonderland? Is it the imagined world at the end of a small doorway; or the kingdom of Narnia the other side of a wardrobe door? Either way i’m quite certain its 100% fabulous. Just the way I like it. Perhaps even a little obscure with a hint of the dramatic. The possibilities are endless, but its for the brave and fashion forward. Alice’s blue and white gingham comes in and out of fashion while Narnia’s furs find a new place every A/W.

I’ve never found my own wonderland and its not for trying – I resigned myself to the fact that when I put down the final Harry Potter book, that was the last magic I was going to see for a while. But just like Tim Burton, I’m just not ready to say goodbye to my wistful, magical fancies of the prospect of my  own wonderland. With the end of London Fashion Week just a magic spell away, I vote we create wonderland at home with Haute Couture Interiors….now crack open the bubbly and wash your hair in champagne.


James Merrell Interiors

 Here the focus is minimal but with a few well chosen, and fabulous accessories. I love the mix of luxe with shabby simplicity to create an ultra chic effect.

Now that’s my kind of lip service…the statement flash of colour against the shabby luxe interiors is a fantastic statement piece. Sass and Bide have been doing this on their runways with bright handbags.

This would most certainly be the dining room, come ball roam in sleeping beauties castle. Once of course she had tied the knot with Prince Charming and they were living happily ever after. I mean, who wouldn’t live happily ever after with this in your house. The tiled floors are easy to recreate in any home. But you have to be very careful how you do it otherwise it can just look American Diner.

Titania's Room....this really is my wonderland

Now perhaps this magical creation of Vogue Interiors is a little fanciful for the back garden…but I just had to show you. Isn’t it something?

But wonderland doesn’t have to be fairylike, if Moschino where to do interiors – this is how they would do it, like in the Shanghai Hotel in Bangkok. Pure extravagance, and I like it.

Vogue Italia.

Pea's room at university

May you live happily ever after…….good night.


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